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  • For the longest time I’ve been an ‘I don’t mind person’, I let other people decide for me. My word for this year was ‘unapologetic’ because I knew I had to face my fear of indecision and let go of my fear of getting it wrong, making mistakes. One of my biggest shifts was being able to say what I actually wanted both in my personal life and career and then having the patience and determination to go after those things. It’s a practice that’s for sure. I wanted to make sure my new MUA course ‘Level up’ helps you get to the core of what it is you’re trying to achieve. What is the dream? What do you want but at some point decided was too scary to say it out loud, or it seemed so out of reach so it was easier to make it a ‘some day dream’ or something that was impossible for you. Level Up gives you the step by step road map to take your career to the next level (more info in bio) but even if your dream is different, dare to be honest with yourself about the things you want and go get em! 
#harrymakesitup #levelupmuacourse #assisting #mua #makeupartist #muacourse #pinterestquote
  • Here's the look I created for one of my red carpet clients for this years Golden Globes. I love using my iPad to create digital face charts and mood board in general. 🖼⁠
I Use Procreate to draw my templates and then I save the base template so I can spend more time drawing my makeup designs. ✏️⁠
It takes a little getting used to, but once you have a play you won't go back. I'd love to know if anyone else has any great tips for drawing on a tablet? I love it when you guys send me amazing illustrators to follow so any suggestions I'd love you to share in the comments 👇⁠
#inthekit #mua #makeupartist #muatips #levelupmakeupcourse #harrymakesitup #goldenglobesmakeup #facechart
  • This is the power of my new online makeup artist course 'Level Up' - How to take your makeup career to the next level.⁠
👉One of the most important modules for me was always going to be the makeup artist mindset module. This is when I saw the the most change and progression in my own career, when I started to address my mindset.⁠
I had to face my fears and the things that were holding me back, especially the stories I had been telling myself on auto pilot, without even realising. Things like 'I'm not good enough', 'I'll never be as good as ......' You name it I had thought it. ⁠
💡The game changer was re-writing these stories, getting honest with myself, and realising that perhaps as much as I was terrified of failing, I was equally terrified of succeeding. 'What would that look like, how would I cope?' ⁠
Getting honest with yourself and facing your fears isn't easy, and I put it off for a long time. BUT, when I did face them, I saw the biggest shift. My self belief returned and I started to REALLY grow, and things felt fun again. The things I had been dreaming of were right there all along. I believed I was worthy of them, and little by little those dreams became realities. ⁠
(Testimonial in the post from Halli Marie, MUA and Founder of The Artists Arsenal) For more info on the course click the link in my bio⁠
#muacourse #assisting #makeupartist #muabusiness, #muatips, #levelupmuacourse, #harrymakesitup #getyourkittogether ⁠
  • ‘LEVEL UP' IS LIVE! 😱🥳🤩

I am beyond excited to finally share what I've been working on for what feels like forever now! 'Level Up' The online MUA course is finally here. 
Get ready to crush your career goals in 2020! 💪It's time to do all the things you promised yourself you would do this year and beyond. 
This course is the ultimate road map for the things you need to be doing NOW to advance your career. I'm showing you step by step: ✔️The EXACT copy to write when you're contacting clients and agents
✔️How to curate the perfect MUA portfolio & website ✔️How to negotiate like a BOSS!
✔️How to connect with beauty brands and PRs
✔️Use social media to build your presence in the industry and get noticed
✔️Address the obstacles that have previously stood in your way
✔️Case studies from the industry pros, Emmy award winning directors, Photographers at the top of their game who are working with brands like Hourglass, Kylie Cosmetics and Becca Cosmetics.
✔️Celebrity MUAs share their advice on what it takes to break into this highly competitive industry and succeed, including Katie Jane Hughes, Monika Blunder and Nikki Deroest to name a few.
✔️And so much more

The course is in my bio. Plus anyone who signs up in the next two weeks is automatically entered into a giveaway to win a Glamcor MutliMedia X 🌟
  • 🤩 My new MUA online course ‘Level Up’ launches tomorrow and this was a really important question I wanted answering in my course. For me, passion is essential but there’s so many elements that make someone stand out.

I’ve asked everyone I admire to share what they think makes the difference including: ✔️Celebrity MUA’s at the top of their game ✔️Art directors and producers working with the biggest beauty brands and the people who actually book MUAs ✔️An Emmy award winning director ✔️Photographers shooting huge Advertising beauty campaigns who are working with industry giants ✔️A Makeup agent from one of the biggest agencies for celebrity makeup ✔️Beauty PR Managers working with MUAs 
Tomorrow is the day! I can’t wait to share it with you. 💋

#mua #muacourse #assisting #makeupartist #celebritymakeupartist #harrymakesitup #inthekit
  • Happy weekend! An extra vid for you this week over on my YouTube Channel 🥳🥳🥳 My favourite look from my #capsulemakeupchallenge so far! We’re over half way through the month and I definitely have a few thoughts on the challenge so far.... 1. Ten products goes a long way if you get creative

2. I’m pleased with the products I chose but I definitely can see what I would be adding if I were to allow myself more products, and that’s the beauty of this challenge. It actually helps you realize what you need. It helps you find the missing link in your makeup. 
3. I love all eye shadows, pencils etc that make my eyes look more green and the products I chose definitely tick that box!

4. Because I’ve been more restricted with my choice of makeup I’ve discovered a new love of nail care and ch aging my nail polish colour more regularly (mostly thanks to @matildaonvideo) 
5. The best thing about this challenge is when I’m short on time. Everything fits into one small pouch and I don’t have waste time overthinking what I’m going to wear makeup wise. Yet when I do have more time it’s equally satisfying getting more creative with the products I chose.

What are you thoughts on the challenge now we’re over half way?😬 #harrymakesitup #capsulemakeupchallenge #minimalmakeup #capsulemakeupbag #mua #inthekit


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